Where to Find Farm-Fresh Turf in Campbelltown

Are you in the market for true farm-fresh turf in Campbelltown? If so, Lawn Industries is here to help. We grow a wide range of turf varieties—all in-house, at our own farms—and offer next-day deliveries in and around Campbelltown. We’d love to speak with you about your lawn and offer a quote for turf delivery.

Signs You Should Invest in New Turf Supplies in Campbelltown

When is it time to call in an order for turf supplies in Campbelltown? Here are a few signs that it might be an opportune moment to invest in a brand-new lawn:

  • You are building or buying a brand-new house. If you are in the market for a new home, most of the houses you will see should already have a lawn or at least some other type of landscaping. However, if you are building a new house—or if the home you are buying is a newly constructed dwelling—there may not be much to speak of in terms of landscaping. Scheduling a turf delivery in Campbelltown is an easy and fast way to lay down a beautiful lawn on that property.
  • You are selling your home and want to improve kerb appeal. A patchy, unhealthy or weed-ridden lawn can make your entire house look a bit old and unkempt. Particularly if you are looking to sell your house, these issues can have a dramatic effect on kerb appeal, the number of interested buyers and eventual resale value. Avoid these issues with your resale by investing in a new, fresh lawn.
  • You have kids who want a good yard for play. A lush, beautiful lawn is not just an appealing aesthetic characteristic of your home. On the contrary, it is also an ideal spot for children to play. Give your kids a great yard for games and sports by calling our turf suppliers in Campbelltown.

What You Can Expect from Lawn Industries Regarding Turf in Campbelltown

When you call upon Lawn Industries to put in your new long, here are a few superlatives you can expect:

  • An experienced touch. Our business owner has a 27-year background in growing turf and putting in new lawns. This wealth of experience helps us deliver a beautiful, professional finished product for every client.
  • Fair pricing. We have four turf farms near Campbelltown and handle all the planting, growth, cutting, delivery and laying of turf in-house. This 100-percent self-sufficient operational model allows us to offer lower, fairer prices than you’d get from a landscaping company that must order their turf from a third-party grower.
  • High-quality turf. We go to great pains to ensure that our turf is as healthy as possible. You won’t find weeds or unhealthy patches in our turf. We also cut your turf right before delivery, to ensure maximum freshness and softness.

About Lawn Industries

Lawn Industries is a relatively new business from a long-time industry veteran. Our family has been growing turf for 45 years and knows everything there is to know about grass cultivation, lawn care and more. Contact us today to request a quote for your new turf in Campbelltown.