Create a Stunning Lawn with the Help of Our Camden Turf Team

With the help of our Camden turf team, a beautiful lawn doesn’t have to take weeks of seeding, patient watering and slow growth. At Lawn Industries, we can help you pick out the perfect grass variety for your yard, deliver it directly to your address, lay out the turf for you and give you all the advice you need for proper lawn care.

Benefits of Our Turf Delivery in Camden

Why should you opt for our turf delivery in Camden? Here are a few benefits of choosing turf over seed, hydroseed or other possible options for your lawn:

  • Turf gives you a beautiful lawn right away. A well-seeded yard can turn into a beautiful lawn over time, but it does require patience. When you work with our Camden turf suppliers, we bring turf from one of our four turf farms and lay it down over your soil, giving you a beautiful lawn right away. With proper care, this ‘instant lawn’ option turns into something that can last years and years.
  • Turf lawns look better than seed lawns. With turf, you get the kind of picturesque green grass that most homeowners want. Seed lawns are more likely to have patches or bare spots, to be invaded by weeds and to have other issues that affect the aesthetic appeal.
  • Turf is soft to the touch. Especially if you are looking for a lawn that your kids will love to play on, you can’t beat turf. When we bring turf from our turf farm in Camden, it is luscious, healthy and soft to the touch. Turf lawns are comfortable to stand on and are ideal for front or backyard play.

What Sets Lawn Industries Apart Regarding Camden Turf?

What makes us the ideal option for turf supplies in Camden? Here are a few factors that separate us from other turf companies in the area:

  • We cut out the middleman. We aren’t buying turf from a third party and delivering it to you. Instead, we grow the turf, deliver the turf, lay the turf and give you all the information you need to care for it and make sure it takes in your soil. By providing all these services in-house, we can offer some of the best turf prices around.
  • We emphasise freshness. Turf starts drying out the moment it is cut and loaded into a truck for delivery. Time is of the essence to get it laid down and to start watering it. Some landscapers cut their turf a day or two ahead of time, which can mean it already feels (or looks) a bit dry and crispy by the time it gets to you. We cut ours on the same day as your delivery, which means softer, healthier grass.
  • We offer ongoing support. We know that getting turf to take root in your yard isn’t always easy. Luckily, if you need any help caring for your lawn, we are here to offer over-the-phone advice and support.

Why Trust Lawn Industries Regarding Camden Turf

We are a family-owned business, run by a family that has been involved in the turf and grass industry for 45 years. We know our stuff, and we believe you will see that fact reflected in the quality of our turf. Contact us today to get a quote for Camden turf delivery.