Sir Walter

This variety is 100% Australian born and bred. An attractive evergreen lawn which requires less watering and fertilising compared with other varieties.

  • Soft to touch

  • High wear tolerant

  • High shade tolerant – up to 70%

  • Drought tolerant

  • Heat tolerant

  • Low maintenance

  • Broadleaf

  • Lush green colour

  • Can handle full sun

  • Disease resistant

  • Salt tolerant

  • Self-repairing

  • Great for kids & pets

Augusta Zoysia

A wonderfully low maintenance and adaptable variety, requiring less mowing, watering, de-thatching, and fertilising compared with other varieties. It is an attractive, compact lawn with a lovely deep green colour. The variety is well-known for its high shade tolerance, and ability to cope in drought tolerant regions. Its deep root system makes it the ideal choice for low-rainfall areas. It is also ideal for families and pets because of its ability to tolerate high traffic.

  • High shade tolerant

  • Extremely high drought tolerant

  • Exceptionally low maintenance

  • High wear tolerant

  • High cold tolerant

  • High salt tolerant

  • Fine leaf blade

  • Soft to touch

  • Disease & insect resistant

  • Great for children & pets

  • Great for sandy soils

  • Slow growing

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo

This variety is a finer-leaf textured buffalo, with unbeatable softness. It is well-known for its rapid growth across the ground. Unlike most buffalo varieties Sapphire has low thatch rate – meaning less maintenance. Number one soft leaf buffalo for shade tolerance!

  • Soft to touch
  • High wear tolerance
  • High shade tolerance
  • Medium drought tolerance
  • Cold tolerant
  • Humidity tolerance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fine textured leaf
  • Good looks & performance
  • Recently proven to be found the No.1 soft leaf buffalo to grow in shade
  • Beautiful deep blue green colour
  • Domestic use/commercial use

  • Strong recovery due to strong root system
  • Disease resistant
  • Salt tolerant

  • Weed resistant
  • Great for kids & pets

Matilda Buffalo

This variety was specifically designed to suit the harsh Australian environment. It has an excellent winter colour retention and is great for high traffic areas. Thick and soft, perfect grass for children’s play areas!

  • Soft to touch

  • Superior summer & winter colour

  • Wear resistant

  • Medium drought tolerance

  • Low maintenance

  • Strong recovery due to strong root system

  • Disease resistant

  • Domestic use/commercial use

  • Salt tolerant

  • 100% Australian made & owned!

  • Stunning deep green colour

  • Weed resistant

  • Great for kids & pets

Santa Anna

Santa Ana is a fine leafed, bright green variety that thrives in sun and heat (at least 6-7 hours per day sun). Known for its high-wear tolerance and excellent ability to recuperate quickly. It looks best mown short.

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely high wear tolerant
  • Thrives in sun
  • Great for high traffic areas

  • Fast growing

  • Salt tolerant

  • Self-repairing

  • Fine Leaf blade

  • Bright green in colour

  • Good resistance to disease and weed

  • Fast spreading

  • Great for children and pets

  • Low water
  • Becomes dormant in winter


A fast-growing variety known for its all-year round lush green colour, drought resistance, and incredible wear tolerance. Its ability to spread quickly makes it ideal children and pets. Kikuyu has an amazing ability to self-repair and regreen damaged lawn.

  • Looks great in full sun areas

  • Avoid shady areas

  • Frequent mowing

  • Fast growing

  • Fast recovery

  • Lower cost grass

  • Susceptible to pests & weeds

  • thrives in a range of soil types

  • Warmer season lawn, will tolerate the dry seasons

Winter Green Couch

An attractive, all-round lawn used for both domestic and commercial purposes. It has a mid-green colour and a fine, but dense, soft leaf texture. This variety thrives in the sun, and requires less water, fertilisation, and mowing than some other varieties. Wintergreen is deal for high traffic areas and has reasonable colour retention during winter.

  • Mid-light green colour

  • Loves full sun -only part shade

  • Drought tolerant, warm season grass

  • Minimal water once established

  • Deep root system

  • Self repairing

  • Very hard wearing

  • Frequent mowing in warmer months

  • Very soft to touch – Great for children

  • Very fine leaf / blade

  • Good salt tolerance

  • Low to ground carpet like

  • Summer green colour will fade going into winter