Installing Turf in Sydney Adds Value to Your Property

Laying turf in Sydney enables you to present your home in a different light. When you possess a lush, green lawn, it becomes an attractive feature that gains admiration from visitors. A beautiful lawn provides a massive selling point if you’re considering placing your home on the market.

What You Can Expect from Lawn Industries Regarding Turf Supplies in Sydney

With decades of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as an authority on all aspects of turf. We have set up several of our own farms around Sydney to grow various types of grass and supply a varied range of client requirements.

  • You can rely on us to provide the total package. Since we own our own farms, we process your order and immediately commence cutting the lawn. After that, we load it for delivery to your premises. Once we arrive at your property, you have the option to install the lawn on your own with our guidelines or use our trained staff to perform the professional task of laying down your new turf.
  • The quality of the grass that we supply is superior. As the owners of the farms that grow the lawn, we can ensure that it is certified and authentic. Our staff puts measures in place to safeguard the grass from weeds and disease and guarantee that your lawn remains in top condition. The lawn that you acquire from our farms is freshly cut after you place your order, a process which preserves the state of the grass and allows us to deliver the freshest product possible to you.
  • We have a range of turf available with attractive features, including Sapphire buffalo turf, grass that is soft yet can withstand all types of weather. It doesn’t require much maintenance and has a strong root system. Matilda buffalo turf shares similar properties but is made here in Australia, a favourite choice for customers with pets and kids. You’ll want to place your attractive Kikuyu buffalo turf in a sunny area and maintain it through mowing.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Turf Farm in Sydney

Once you install your lawn from a turf farm, you should conduct regular maintenance. This commitment is key to managing your grass and safeguarding its condition. Taking care of the lawn could be a DIY project, or you could hire a professional team to handle the process.

  • Watering the lawn is integral to keeping up its condition. After installation, you must ensure that the grass is moist for the first few days. A quick pull at the corner will demonstrate if the area underneath is soaking in water. Repeat the process every two or three days to help the turf establish itself.
  • Mow the lawn carefully to maintain the turf. Wait for the grass to be well-set to use a mower lightly. After a while, you can simply mow the lawn to your desired length. Mowing the lawn frequently will promote growth and result in a green, healthy lawn.
  • To keep your lawn in excellent condition, use a fertiliser. The right fertiliser will thicken the grass, strengthening it while removing weeds. Add fertiliser three or four times per year but not during winter. This process will improve the look and feel of your grass and provide a picturesque finish.

About Lawn Industries

We have over four decades of collective experience in the industry. We dedicate our facilities to producing turf that is of an exceptional standard. Our goal is to provide high-quality lawn solutions for residential and commercial customers alike.

Contact us and take advantage of our knowledge and training in this industry. Our team will be by your side through every step of the process of laying down your new turf. Even after we install your grass, we are available to assist you with maintenance telephonically or physically.