Freshly-Harvested Turf Laying in Penrith, the Experienced Family Way

We use experienced family methods with our Sapphire Soft Leaf and Matilda Buffalo turf laying for Penrith lawns and gardens. Our five grass varieties are all tried and tested under New South Wales conditions. We have grown out of an NSW turf-growing family with a collective 45 years of turf in our veins.

What You Can Expect from Lawn Industries for Buffalo Turf in Penrith

We stock both Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo and Matilda Buffalo grass, both grown on our own farms free of weeds and disease and delivered by us straight to Penrith.

  • Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo grass is a registered brand of grass known for its soft-to-the-touch leaves, making it ideal for garden use. You will want to take off your shoes to experience the difference, and children and pets love it, too. It is also the best grass for growing in shady areas.
  • Matilda Buffalo grass is the Australian-owned and -made grass that’s always a popular choice. As with the Sapphire Soft Leaf variety, it is soft to the touch. Matilda Buffalo is Australia’s favourite general-use grass, ideal for pre-schools, council areas, and gardens.
  • As a one-stop turf supplier, we can control all stages of our turf supply chain. We give you all the benefits that Sapphire Soft Leaf and Matilda Buffalo grass can offer with the peace of mind that comes with all our freshly-harvested grass.

When Buying Matilda Turf in Penrith, Consider This

As a grass type, Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo grass or Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo grass can only be grown or sold with a PBR licence.

  • Matilda Buffalo grass is a beautiful option for anyone in need of an all-around lawn. Matilda grass features a leaf width of 6.42mm and a leaf length of around 16mm. Matilda Buffalo rates highly in the HAL project for colour, quality, and thatch or ground-covering abilities.
  • If you are worried about drought conditions, you can rest easy with Matilda covering your front lawn. This Buffalo grass shows exceptional results during drought testing, unaffected by a 50% reduction in evaporated water—she is the drought queen.
  • Matilda withstood seven weeks of wear in a controlled test. In the eighth week, she took some damage, but come the ninth week, she was back to showing zero bare ground. Other types of grass took longer to recover.

For hard-wearing turf delivery in Penrith, remember Matilda Buffalo or Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo grasses, your all-around choices for grass. When ordering grass, remember to give us your lawn length and width measurements and add 5–10% for cutting and shaping. Our turf comes in rolls that are 600mm by 1675mm in length.

While roses and jasmine often steal the front garden limelight, we are seeing lawns coming into their own as a standalone garden focus. In NSW, it is the Buffalo grasses of Sapphire Soft Leaf and Matilda varieties that are the most popular. Our turf farms around Penrith are growing as the demand spikes for these two types of grass. Contact the experienced lawn-family professionals for your next load of turf in Penrith.