Find Deep-Rooted Turf Service in the Wollongong Area of Greater Sydney

We are in the business of getting our customers the best in lawns and turf in Wollongong and the greater Sydney area. We grow, supply, and lay lawns that will flourish in NSW conditions. We are a small and highly experienced team with decades of lawn growing, supplying, and laying experience.

What Sets Lawn Industries Apart Regarding Wollongong Turf?

Wondering whether we’re your best choice for local lawn services? Here are a few reasons why customers choose us first:

  • We have five turf farms growing our varieties of grass in the Sydney area, and we own and harvest these farms ourselves. This process means that we can guarantee the quality of our products—from the roots up, our turf is certified.
  • Some landscapers harvest grass a day or two before use, which can stress the grass and lower the quality of the installation. With us, you are buying straight from the grower, getting only freshly-cut turf straight from our farm to your garden.
  • We can oversee your new landscaping project from the growing to the laying of the new lawn. Or, we can come alongside and guide you step-by-step. We handle projects as small as ten square meters of new turf and as big as 50,000 square meters.

We grow our own guaranteed turf, and we supply and lay only freshly-harvested turf for all our customers. With us, there are no go-betweens—you get the advantage of a guaranteed weed- and disease-free lawn at a competitive price.

Related Services We Provide to Buffalo Turf in Wollongong

Buffalo grasses are durable, shade tolerant, and have a beautiful green colour. Buffalo turf comes in many varieties: we stock Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo grass and Matilda Buffalo grass.

  • We grow, stock, and lay five types of grass in all: Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo, the Aussie favourite Matilda Buffalo, Santa Anna, Kikuyu, and Winter Green Couch. No matter what your growing conditions are, remember to water the grass as soon as it is in place.
  • Sapphire Soft Leaf is a proven winner for in-shade growth while the Matilda Buffalo is Australian-made and -owned. Santa Anna and Kikuyu are hard-wearing and fast-growing, while Winter Green Couch is drought-tolerant.
  • We are based in Windsor, and while we are available for turf laying in Wollongong, we can grow, deliver, and lay down lawn for customers in greater Sydney and as far as the Camden and Campbelltown areas.

A well-maintained lawn increases the value of any property while being comfortable underfoot and a joy to play on each day. Lawn Industries stems from a family business boasting generations of experience. We are a team of five experienced professionals who are well-qualified to advise on, grow, and lay your next lawn. We service all of Sydney, including needs from soccer fields to residential gardens.

Choose us for your next turf delivery in Wollongong and get the best of Aussie grass under your feet. Act now and experience the difference.